Saturday, 28 January 2012

Ross Kemp On Afghanistan

While I was at home for Christmas, I decided to take advantage of my brother's oversized DVD collection, and stumbled upon Ross Kemp On Afghanistan.
For anyone who hasn't watched it before, I seriously reccommend you do - It's a harrowing, yet eye opening documentary, which really shakes your perceptions on war.

Whilst growing up, I have been subjected to a number of films, games and books that really glorify war and battle. It is only after watching Ross Kemp's documentary that I realised how much the media glorifies war, and tries to make it exciting and enjoyable.
Whilst I have no problems playing games like Call of Duty, or Medal of Honor - they really do skip over the other parts of war, such as the psychological effects it has on people, the distress it causes families.
Overalll, it disgusts me.

For several years I considered joining the Army - The only reason I didn't is because my health will not allow me to do it, so I ended up going to University and using my above average intellect to try and get through life.
And whilst it sounds really selfish of me to say so, after watching Ross Kemps documentary, i'm glad I didn't join the army, and i'm glad i've never had to experience war.
Looking back, I don't think i'm the right sort of person to deal with that sort of stuff, and so whilst I don't openly express my thoughts and feelings all the time, I really am thankful that I have never had to experience battle.

Ross Kemp on Afghanistan - A real world shaker. I seriously suggest you go out and buy it. It will really change your view on the world.

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