Thursday, 5 January 2012

Top 10's (Music)

After reading a friends blog, where she listed her top 10 favourite songs, i've decided that I too will list my top 10 songs.
Then I realised that if I were to list my top 10 songs, they'd all be John Mayer songs, which would be pretty boring. (I fucking love that guy!)
So instead, i've decided to list my top 10 favourite artists.
Here we go...

1) John Mayer -
Pretty obvious really, I fucking love this guy.
His songs are all just amazing! His guitar technique and tone is just unreal. They all manage to hit me where I live.

2) Frank Turner -
I was first shown Frank Turner by my friend Reiss. I found his songs catchy and enjoyable. I also enjoy the casual but justified swearing he slips into his lyrics. I also find that his melodies are usually simple, but as a whole, the song is always really complex and interesting. Bravo!

3) Red Hot Chili Peppers -
They're just really funky! The songs are all catchy and enjoyable. But they are also a reminder of what sort of music I listened to when I was younger, before I grew up. A little bit of my youth perhaps...

4) Oasis -
I've always had a special place for Oasis, despite the fact the brothers hate eachothers guts. They were also one of the artists that really "got big" while I was growing up, again, reminding me of my youth.
They're also British, which is an added bonus!

5) Nickelback -
They're so cheesy and shit, but you've just got to love them!
Especially their first album (Silver Side Up), the power and raw guitars are pretty immense. However, they got more "studiofied" as each album came out, until their most recent one, which is mostly studio effects.
However, their songs are so shitty, their likable and addictive! I can't stop listening to them!

6) The Cat Empire -
Another band that my friend Reiss showed me. They've got such a unique sound, which in my eyes, makes them very special. In iTunes, they come under the category of Rock, which I don't think they are. They deserve their own genre!
People living with me last year will better recognise this band as "jew music", as I had a strange addiction to a song that sounded like it should be played at a Bamitzvah!

7) Eminem -
It's strange how my music taste has changed so drastically, as a 4 years ago, I hated Eminem, and near enough most people that listened to his genre of music.
However, now i've matured, i've come to appreciate his music, and how lyrically complex his songs are. I also admire the amount of feeling and personality he puts into each of his songs. You can really feel tha anger in some of his words, despite the fact they aren't said or sung in an angry tone. Amazing!

8) Bruno Mars -
This time last year, I didn't like Bruno Mars either. I was still very much hung up in my "I hate mainstream music" phase. Now i've matured and come out of that, I can appreciate his musical talent more, and actually like listening to his songs.

9) Andy McKee -
An amazing acoustic guitarist. He plays all the sounds found in his songs by himself. For anyone who hasn't seen him play guitar, I strongly reccommend you go and watch him on Youtube. He's insane!
His guitar technique and ability is outstanding!

10) Stevie Wonder -
An absolute fucking legend! His songs make me happy when i'm sad, and can really get me in the mood to go out. His lyrics are amazing, and his stage presence is huge! Watching him on Youtube is so interesting, and makes me proud to be alive and have experienced his music.

These aren't in a particular order (Though John Mayer goes at the top regardless of the others), and they will change every few months when I discover new songs and artists. It'll be interesting to look back in a few months and see how my musical taste has changed again.

Who is your favourite artist?

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