Saturday, 31 December 2011


Like I said in an earlier post, i'm not a massive fan of making New Years Resolutions, however, I do wonder what 2012 will be for me?
Rather than set one single resolution like "I'm giving up chocolate", I thought i'd set myself some realistic goals that I want to acheive before the end of the year.

1) Lose another 2 stone through healthy eating and regular exercise
2) Maintain karate training and pass next 3/4 gradings
3) Get some way to clearing my overdraft
4) Get into my third year of university
5) Find some inner peace, get a stable state of mind.

That 5th one might be difficult, but I think with the proper level of concentration and guidance, I should be able to acheive that.
Maintaining my karate should help me towards that 5th goal, as Karate is as much about a state of mind as it is about physical strength and technical ability. There are also a couple of books that i'm getting that should help with that...

Hopefully there will be plenty more amazing times to come. Chillin' with friends, making new friends, and who knows, maybe getting a girl.
Here's to the future! Cheers!

What are your New Year Resolutions/goals?

Friday, 30 December 2011

I really want to meet this guy...

This guy makes me laugh so much!

The only reason i'd like to meet him is so that I could punch his straight in his face!
As much as he makes me laugh, he abandons the woman, and the child and lies to everyone. Thats just wrong.
He had the balls to get her pregnant, he should step up to the mark and be a dad.

Wilderness survival and Orienteering

Recently, I've been wanting to get back in touch with nature. As much as I love the comforts that a home can give, such as light, heat and cooking appliances, I've always had this fascination with living in the outdoors.

I've been trying to come up with crazy scenarios in my own head, that would make learning survival skills justifiable. However, none of these are realistic, so i'm just going to do it as some extra skill that I can have on my CV, and (hopefully) teach to my children and/or grandchildren.

I've already expressed my desire to go orienteering to some people, and i've managed to get some interest together, which should be good fun.
There are courses in Wales and in Scotland, which teach you the fundamentals, and then let you try out your new skills across the hills and valleys. Using a map and a compass to navigate is really low tech, but really satisfying.
I think it's really important, despite current technology, to continue to teach map reading and navigation skills. These skills will be especially useful in the event of a Modern Warfare 2 style EMP, and all satellite and computer based equipment were to be renered useless...

Overall, the point of this particular entry is so that I will be able to continue reminding myself of something that I want to do, and maybe give people ideas for my birthday, which will soon be approaching.
I need to get myself back up to a reasonable level of fitness first. Perhaps I should start looking for some training programs. Atleast then i'll be able to take full advantage of the expensive courses that I hope to attend....

Finding a Job

Why does finding a job have to be so hard?

I've got good grades, a decent amount of work experience and volunteering, but finding a job is apparently really fucking difficult. And I don't understand why.

Since being back in Chester, I must have handed out atleast 25-30 CV's and done about the same amount of online applications.
What have I gained from it?
A job that gave me 2 shifts, the terminated my contract, and 3 interviews, 2 of which didn't even get back to me to tell me that i'd not been successful.

Thats the worst part of it, when people don't even have the common decency to send a simple email, or a letter just to say that I was unsuccessful. It's just rude when they don't.

I know that in this current economic climate, and with such high levels on unemployment, companies are really getting picky about who they employ, but surely employing a student wouldn't be such a bad thing?
I know atleast 4 or 5 other students personally, who have handed out about 5 CV's, then just walked into a job. It's really very frustrating.
And now i'm riding the arse out of my overdraft...

The reason i've written this is because even though i'm at home, i'm still applying for jobs.
Just filled one out for Esso, working in the Parkgate Road garage.
Fingers crossed they get back to me!

What do you do to earn extra money?

New Years Resolutions?

I'm seeing alot on Facebook about people making New Years Resolutions, and it's got me thinking as to why people actually bother making them?
They're meaningless, pointless goals that about 60% of people will fail.

I mean, people that make the resolution to quit smoking, or to quit drinking, in my view, don't really want to stop smoking or drinking.
The people that want to stop smoking or drinking, just do it. They don't make a massive thing about it, because in most cases, they will relapse after about 3 weeks, then wont bother again, saying that it's too hard.
Trust me, coming from someone who has done it, quitting isn't hard if you can grow some balls and just do it.
The nike slogan isn't "Just try it", it's "Just do it".

There are some resolutions that I think might be acceptable, like trying to be more honest, or eat healthier.
The reason I think they're ok is because they don't take much extra effort to acheive. It's not hard to be more honest, or to eat healthier, and thus the goals are easier to acheive.
What is the point in setting unacheivable goals?

You might be reading this, thinking what is my New Years resolution going to be?
And to tell the truth, i'm not setting myself one. I don't believe in them. If I don't set myself a goal, i'm not going to be disappointed if I don't acheive it, but i'm going to be really proud of myself if I do acheive something.

For all those people setting themselves resolutions, I wish you the best of luck sticking to them, especially those people who are quitting smoking or drinking, as I know how hard they are.
I just hope you stick it out, and don't pussy out at the first obsticle.

Thursday, 29 December 2011


A couple of years ago, whilst browsing Youtube, a favourite passtime of mine, I stumbled across a channel of some guy who goes by the username of Sweetpotatoslim.
He used a combination of loop pedals and different instruments and backing tracks to make pretty funky blues improvisations, that are actually really catchy and interesting.
At the time, I was still heavily stuck in my metal phase, where I literally listened to nothing but metal music, which looking back, was abit of a mistake, as i've been missing out on so much good music.

Luckily, i've lapsed back into my heavily blues influenced rock/acoustic rock phase again, and i'm loving it. I decided i'd look up Sweetpotatoslim again, and I have not been disappointed.
The fact that he plays it all with his fingers; absolutely no picking involved, makes me respect his guitar skills even more.
To be able to play that fast, and with that much precision, only finger picking shows a high level of skill!
And it sounds great too!

I don't understand how he does it! Granted they mostly all follow a blues chord structure, but he manages to keep coming up with cool backing tracks, and crazy improvised solos, with what seems like absolutely no repition between the tracks.
I honestly wish I could do what he does. Maybe i'd be able to make some money off it!

Even if you don't like Blues guitar music, I still suggest that you check this guy out. Even just to admire his multitasking skills...

To find Sweetpotatoslim's channel, follow this link:

Being able to do stuff like that is what I one day hope to be able to do. Lock myself in a room, surrounded by guitars and guitar effects, and just play blues for the hell of it.
Can't beat the sort of sound it makes.

What is your favourite genre of music?

Facebook vs Twitter?

In all honesty, who gives a fuck?

I have both Facebook and Twitter, but I use them for two totally different reasons.
Facebook I mainly use to socialise with friends, and to waste away time when I should be doing University assignments.
Twitter is what I use to keep up to date with what my favourite celebs or actors are getting up to. Nothing more, nothing less.

I find it pointless when I see people arguing about which is better, or why one is better than the other.
In my opinion, they're both as bad as eachother. Both are as addictive as eachother, and both manage to waste several hours of mine, and lots of other peoples days.
Not only this, but they've brought a whole new branch to crime, discrimination and bullying. As if there wasn't already enough of this?!

Both do have useful points to them, but at the end of the day, we managed alright before them! Why can't we go back to the days before Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, when people actually talked to eachother, rather than having IM convo's?

This all sounds a little hypocritical coming from me, especially considering i've got Facebook and Twitter open while I write this, but i've been thinking over the past few days, maybe I should have a digital cleanse.
Stop going on Facebook for several hours during the day, and do things more constructive and intellectual, or cultural, like reading.

Maybe one day soon we'll all be able to break the shackles that social networking has bound us in.

Forget You!

The classic song by Cee Lo Green just came on the music channel that i've been watching; and no matter how many times I hear it, I still enjoy listening to it!

The song itself, despite being about how many times he's been rejected, is still so upbeat and happy! Thats what I love about music - people can take really unhappy subjects, or general misery, and put them to a tune that makes them upbeat and enjoyable.

Other songs that are like this include;
Misery - Maroon 5 (
Hate my Life - Theory of a Deadman (
You can't hurry love - Phil Collins (

I suggest you go check them out!

The fact that the songs are censored on all the music channels really annoys me. I think music should be left unaltered, the way it was meant to be. Music is a tool of expression, and when it is changed to please the people that makes the rules, I believe that the message the song is carrying is lost.
Thats just my opinion though.

What songs do you enjoy listening to?


Pretty useful guide to drawing a cat. Might have to try this out one day! Maybe i'll upload my version too!

This one really shocked me. How ungrateful can some people be?! I'm happy with anything I receive, why can't they be?

Not much doing at the moment, got the music channels on the tv, gives some variety to what I listen to. Might even find some new tunes that I like!
Until Ed Sheeran comes on, then I change over instantly!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Music: John Mayer

Any of you that know me personally, will know that I fucking love John Mayer.
I would go as far as to say that his music has kept me going during some of the lower parts of my life recently, and that he continues to be the soundtrack to my life.
(Some would also say that i've got abit of a man crush on him, and they wouldn't be far wrong!)

The title of the blog, Just Chillin', suggests that the content is going to be stuff that I find when i'm chilling out.
Listening to John Mayer is what I do to chill out.
His music just hits me where I live...

Here are some of my favourite songs:

Bold As Love (Live in LA) -  A cover of a Jimi Hendrix song, but it's quality! Such an amazing song, so much feeling and passion in it

Daughters - One of his all time classic tunes. I have alot of love for this song.

Gravity (Live in LA) - The live version of this is my favourite version. The solo is just amazing; so much passion in it! This song has picked me up from some all time lows in my life, and continues to make me happier when I listen to it

Who Did You Think I Was - A really funky tune that I really enjoy listening to. The solo and off beat timing to the song is just really fun to listen to. It's also about how he doesn't fit the mould that the media thought he was in, just like I don't like to think that I fit any moulds of society.

Out of my mind (Live in LA) - Such a mellow tune. I love the heavy blues influence. John Mayer is literally bringing back the classic blues feel in this song; really love the atmosphere it gives.

Crossroads - The first John Mayer song I learned to play. A cover of Eric Claptons song, but he manages to make it his own. His tone is amazing, and the off beat, syncopated timing of the solo is genius!

There are so many more that I could list, but I don't want to overwhelm you with song titles. However, if you do want a few more titles to check out, see the end.

Fair enough, he's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but in my personal opinion, he has got to be one of the best singer/songwriters and musicians of our generation.

Not only does he write good music, but he's also very generous to charity, and tries to help people where he can.
He's got a pretty amazing guitar and amp collection, some pretty epic tattoo's an epic watch collection, all of which I can only one day dreaming of owning.
Definately getting me a rolex, or an IWC Big Pilot when I get enough money though...

All in all, if there were one wish that could be granted to me before I die, it would definately be to meet and chill out with John Mayer.
Perhaps i'll just have to suffice with going to see him live in concert...

For those that wanted some more songs to check out, here they are:
Why Georgia
Waiting on the world to change
Heart of Life
Who Says
Stop this train
My Stupid Mouth
No Such Thing
Friends, Lovers or Nothing

Those should keep you going for a while!


Hello there!
Well done for finding your way to this page.

I've been writing a blog for little over 6 months, and have loved every minute of it!
My other blog began as quite a personal space, using it to vent some anger now and again, and ended up being somewhere for me to be miserable.
After much personal debate, i've decided to stop being miserable, and start a new blog; Just Chillin'

The plan is to update this every so often with pictures, music, videos, or simply some funny anecdotes or stories which have interested me, and will hopefully interest you too.
It will also allow me to start doing what I love doing again: Using the English language - I love writing!

Whilst some more personal entries might find their way in here, they will hopefully be quite happy, or upbeat stories. Most likely, they will be quite spiritual, or philosophical, depending on what sort of mood i'm in. Hopefully, they'll still be fairly interesting to look at.

If you still want to read my other blog (My Shit Life), it will still be going, but it probably wont be updated as often as I would like it - I'm trying my best to be a happier person!
Thats the plan anyway...

To summarise, i'm going to be writing about what I do most of; Chillin' !
I hope you enjoy what you see - Feel free to leave me comments and questions whenever, and i'll try to get back to you.