Friday, 30 December 2011

New Years Resolutions?

I'm seeing alot on Facebook about people making New Years Resolutions, and it's got me thinking as to why people actually bother making them?
They're meaningless, pointless goals that about 60% of people will fail.

I mean, people that make the resolution to quit smoking, or to quit drinking, in my view, don't really want to stop smoking or drinking.
The people that want to stop smoking or drinking, just do it. They don't make a massive thing about it, because in most cases, they will relapse after about 3 weeks, then wont bother again, saying that it's too hard.
Trust me, coming from someone who has done it, quitting isn't hard if you can grow some balls and just do it.
The nike slogan isn't "Just try it", it's "Just do it".

There are some resolutions that I think might be acceptable, like trying to be more honest, or eat healthier.
The reason I think they're ok is because they don't take much extra effort to acheive. It's not hard to be more honest, or to eat healthier, and thus the goals are easier to acheive.
What is the point in setting unacheivable goals?

You might be reading this, thinking what is my New Years resolution going to be?
And to tell the truth, i'm not setting myself one. I don't believe in them. If I don't set myself a goal, i'm not going to be disappointed if I don't acheive it, but i'm going to be really proud of myself if I do acheive something.

For all those people setting themselves resolutions, I wish you the best of luck sticking to them, especially those people who are quitting smoking or drinking, as I know how hard they are.
I just hope you stick it out, and don't pussy out at the first obsticle.

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