Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Hello there!
Well done for finding your way to this page.

I've been writing a blog for little over 6 months, and have loved every minute of it!
My other blog began as quite a personal space, using it to vent some anger now and again, and ended up being somewhere for me to be miserable.
After much personal debate, i've decided to stop being miserable, and start a new blog; Just Chillin'

The plan is to update this every so often with pictures, music, videos, or simply some funny anecdotes or stories which have interested me, and will hopefully interest you too.
It will also allow me to start doing what I love doing again: Using the English language - I love writing!

Whilst some more personal entries might find their way in here, they will hopefully be quite happy, or upbeat stories. Most likely, they will be quite spiritual, or philosophical, depending on what sort of mood i'm in. Hopefully, they'll still be fairly interesting to look at.

If you still want to read my other blog (My Shit Life), it will still be going, but it probably wont be updated as often as I would like it - I'm trying my best to be a happier person!
Thats the plan anyway...

To summarise, i'm going to be writing about what I do most of; Chillin' !
I hope you enjoy what you see - Feel free to leave me comments and questions whenever, and i'll try to get back to you.

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