Thursday, 29 December 2011


A couple of years ago, whilst browsing Youtube, a favourite passtime of mine, I stumbled across a channel of some guy who goes by the username of Sweetpotatoslim.
He used a combination of loop pedals and different instruments and backing tracks to make pretty funky blues improvisations, that are actually really catchy and interesting.
At the time, I was still heavily stuck in my metal phase, where I literally listened to nothing but metal music, which looking back, was abit of a mistake, as i've been missing out on so much good music.

Luckily, i've lapsed back into my heavily blues influenced rock/acoustic rock phase again, and i'm loving it. I decided i'd look up Sweetpotatoslim again, and I have not been disappointed.
The fact that he plays it all with his fingers; absolutely no picking involved, makes me respect his guitar skills even more.
To be able to play that fast, and with that much precision, only finger picking shows a high level of skill!
And it sounds great too!

I don't understand how he does it! Granted they mostly all follow a blues chord structure, but he manages to keep coming up with cool backing tracks, and crazy improvised solos, with what seems like absolutely no repition between the tracks.
I honestly wish I could do what he does. Maybe i'd be able to make some money off it!

Even if you don't like Blues guitar music, I still suggest that you check this guy out. Even just to admire his multitasking skills...

To find Sweetpotatoslim's channel, follow this link:

Being able to do stuff like that is what I one day hope to be able to do. Lock myself in a room, surrounded by guitars and guitar effects, and just play blues for the hell of it.
Can't beat the sort of sound it makes.

What is your favourite genre of music?

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