Friday, 30 December 2011

Wilderness survival and Orienteering

Recently, I've been wanting to get back in touch with nature. As much as I love the comforts that a home can give, such as light, heat and cooking appliances, I've always had this fascination with living in the outdoors.

I've been trying to come up with crazy scenarios in my own head, that would make learning survival skills justifiable. However, none of these are realistic, so i'm just going to do it as some extra skill that I can have on my CV, and (hopefully) teach to my children and/or grandchildren.

I've already expressed my desire to go orienteering to some people, and i've managed to get some interest together, which should be good fun.
There are courses in Wales and in Scotland, which teach you the fundamentals, and then let you try out your new skills across the hills and valleys. Using a map and a compass to navigate is really low tech, but really satisfying.
I think it's really important, despite current technology, to continue to teach map reading and navigation skills. These skills will be especially useful in the event of a Modern Warfare 2 style EMP, and all satellite and computer based equipment were to be renered useless...

Overall, the point of this particular entry is so that I will be able to continue reminding myself of something that I want to do, and maybe give people ideas for my birthday, which will soon be approaching.
I need to get myself back up to a reasonable level of fitness first. Perhaps I should start looking for some training programs. Atleast then i'll be able to take full advantage of the expensive courses that I hope to attend....


  1. Run, run and run. That will be good for you. I'm also interested in survival, but never tried it.

  2. Thats my general plan.
    I do karate twice a week, but i'm thinking of getting back into a proper routine at the same time.
    Got a couple of plans lined up